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Settlement and Marketing Invoices

Take your settlement from a several hour process down to 15 minutes with our automated settlement software. In addition to saving time, our system is far more accurate than processing it by hand, as well as creating marketing invoices automatically.

Driver Qualification and Recruitment

We can assist as much or as little as you would like. We can find, screen and qualify drivers or provide you with our system for managing qualifications. We can provide access to digital contracts leases and acknowledgments that drivers can sign on a phone or computer.

Fleet Management

Set up a maintenance schedule and use mileage analytics to create a maintenance forecast. You can even receive notifications when services are due so your fleet can remain reliable and profitable. Stay on top of maintenance costs by uploading your invoices and notes about why the vehicle went in and what was repaired, ensuring you don’t get charged twice for upkeep.

Advanced Reporting

We compile detailed reports to give you an accurate real-time picture of what is happening and why, allowing you to focus on in-person interactions with your Service Providers to maximize productivity with reliable information. Receive daily reports via phone or email to review deliveries and recap any issues that may have surfaced. Generate trends for drivers consistently having GPS errors, inaccurate scans, manual POD's, missing packages, etc. This way you have the tools and information to direct SP’s and interact with managers at the sort.

Route Management

Ensure that your territories are running smooth by optimizing routes and creating daily route sheets. We are able to automatically collect and sort routes so drivers are prepared and accountable for the day, reducing mis-sorts and check-out issues.

Manage Active Deliveries

We have a staff of trained professionals that can assist remotely with check-out, manage active deliveries, customer support and operations requests, and perform nightly close-out. Save time and money while increasing accountability with end of day reports sent directly to your email.

Digital Contracts and Forms

We have a range of documents including leases, contracts, and acknowledgments which can be signed electronically using a phone or computer. Eliminating the need to carry around agreements or follow up who has signed what. Our system is so easy to use you can quickly have a new lease in place for a driver swapping vans for a day, ensuring SP’s are responsible and liable for packages they take out and vehicles they drive. You can even upload your own agreements to our electronic signature platform.

Service Provider Training

We have successfully trained hundreds of drivers resulting in significantly higher retention and performance. Our comprehensive training includes performing deliveries, scanner operation, safe driving practices, closeout, preventing GPS errors, navigating scanner malfunctions and much more. For drivers needing to navigate their own qualification process allow us to assist them in acquiring their own MCP permit or DOT number. Our platform records and tracks issues drivers have over time and alerts you of drivers that may need additional training or those you may want to part ways with. Receive weekly health reports on your service providers to ensure your team is improving over time.

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